Video Production

This is a people driven industry. For quality video production, you need good people on your side. Farish Media is proud to have three of Hawaii's busiest video production editors. We get plenty of practice. On any given day, our three Final Cut Pro HD non-linear editing systems and operators can churn out a television program, a half dozen commercials not including spot tags and specialty video production projects.

And we still have time to eat.

We strive to make each edited product unique. We want it to be more than what you were expecting. Many of our customers tell us so.

What contributes to our editing success? Start with creative juices and years of experience. The latest Mac OS X software and hardware, with over five terabytes of media storage and the latest and greatest editing and compositing software on the planet. And don't forget a serious Mackie audio system, over 5000 licensed music cuts, broadcast quality voice-overs and pre-produced special effects. We're right at home in the editing suite.

Plus our unique satisfaction guarantee policy assures you that we will do whatever it takes to assure that you walk out a happy customer. Every time.

We're battin' a thousand so far!